‘Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James & 4 Other NBA Greats Have Lazy Eyes’: NBA Reddit Points Out Correlation Between Amblyopia And Being An All-Time Great


What do Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, T-Mac, D-Wade, LeBron James and Kevin Durant have in common other than greatness? Let’s see.

If there’s one physical deformity that doesn’t hamper an athlete’s performance, it’s a lazy eye. Although it is a disease of one of the most crucial parts of the body, lazy eye does not usually impair a person’s vision.

The athlete who sees better will obviously play better, and the fewer problems there are with their eyes, the more likely they are to have better hand-eye coordination, better tracking, and better binocular vision.

But it seems that all of these abilities have nothing to do with the alignment of the person’s eyes, because some of the greatest basketball players of all time have lazy eyes, but none of their games do. been affected.

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Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, T-Mac, D-Wade, LeBron James and Kevin Durant have noticeable amblyopia

Credits to NBA Reddit we came across an interesting fact that several legends of the game had and still have the problem of amblyopia which occurs in early childhood. In the following embedded post you can see at least 2 photos of all stars showing at least a little amblyopia.

When the nerve pathways between the brain and one eye are not properly stimulated, the brain favors the other eye. But that wasn’t enough to stop these gaming legends from dominating the sport.

Some other things are common to all these players. All but T-Mac have been MVP or Finals MVP at least once and all have scored or assisted the leaders (or both) in at least one season of their careers.

And the best thing in common is that they’ve all been the faces of their franchises at some point. Really amazing. Grow a lazy people, greatness might follow.

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