Stolen longboards spotted for sale online; Bend PD undercover sting leads to arrest and recovery


BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — A Bend woman who learned from a neighbor that her children’s stolen longboard skateboards were for sale online led to a Bend police sting operation and the arrest of a 32-year-old Bend man, officers said Friday.

Police contacted the woman around 8 a.m. Thursday who learned the two stolen longboards, worth about $90 each, were for sale on Facebook Marketplace, police spokeswoman Sheila said. Miller.

The woman had filed a police report online about the May 2 robbery, which she captured on her Ring camera, Miller said.

After an initial investigation, officers contacted online sellers of the longboards, offering to buy them for $120. The suspect agreed to sell and meet in the parking lot of a store on Robal Lane, Miller said.

An undercover officer texted the suspect to arrange the sale, then approached the suspect, who placed the longboards against the bumper of a vehicle. After the officer identified them as the stolen items, other officers approached and arrested the man on suspicion of second degree robbery.

The longboards were returned to the victims.

Bend Police encourages the public to access its online reporting system to report crimes including criminal mischief and vandalism, lost property, motor vehicle accidents without injury and motor vehicle accidents with misdemeanor flight without injury, theft and unauthorized entry into a vehicle. You can access the online reporting system at


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