Stride, Inc. supports President Biden’s plan to reopen schools


HERNDON, Virginia – () – As demonstrated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our country must be ready to face the “new reality” of our education system and continue to be sensitive to the diverse needs of families and communities across the country .

We join with President Biden in recognizing that educators, families and students have done an incredible job in ensuring that students continue their education and educational development in light of the challenges posed by the global pandemic. We support the President and his administration who see this effort as an absolute national priority. We agree that the decision to safely reopen must be made by national and local authorities, based on science, with students and their families, educators and educational support staff in mind.

Today more than ever, our country needs educational options that meet the diverse needs of students to achieve significant levels of achievement. “While we support the efforts of the Biden administration to reopen schools, we also support the continued reinvention of our country.s education system“Said James R. Rhyu, CEO of Stride, Inc.”Our company remains committed to serving students and their families during this unprecedented time, and we stand ready to support districts across the country as they assess their e-learning and hybrid learning needs and explore the possibilities of what could be in education.. ”

As a learning company, Stride is fully committed to lifelong learning, starting with the education of the children of our country. COVID-19 school closures have proven that high-quality online learning is a vital platform for executing strong and sustainable school emergency preparedness plans that ensure learning continuity for students . Schools with e-learning programs have been successful, while those without have often struggled.

It’s important to note that not all e-learning options are the same – experience matters – and Stride is. the expert in online education. In a recent independent study, parents – whose students are enrolled in Stride’s K12 programs – were 6.5 times more likely to say their students learned more through an online school.

However, we are encouraged by the public school systems which, in recent months, have started the process of reopening school buildings, while meeting the needs of parents, students and teachers and applauding their efforts. As a company, we are proud to partner with school districts across the country as we collectively serve American families. As educational institutions begin to reopen, we believe students and teachers should have options for learning (and teaching), including in online and hybrid contexts. Over the past year, schools powered by our Stride K12 programs are among the only schools to have continued uninterrupted from the first term of 2020 to present.

As the Biden administration continues its efforts to provide the resources, guidance and support necessary to reopen U.S. public schools, we join the administration in this important work that ensures the education of our youth, no matter where. they live or whatever their needs. -round, in peacetime and during battles against unforeseen events like the current global pandemic and other natural disasters that may occur in the future.

About Stride, Inc.

At Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN), we are reinventing lifelong learning as a rich, deeply personal experience that prepares learners for tomorrow. Since its inception, Stride has been committed to breaking down barriers that impact academic equity and delivering high quality education to everyone, especially those in underserved communities. The company has transformed the teaching and learning experience for millions of people by providing innovative, high-quality, technology-based educational solutions, programs and programs directly to students, schools, military and primary, secondary and post-secondary businesses. secondary parameters. Stride is a leading provider of Kindergarten to Grade 12 education for students, schools and districts, including career learning services in middle and high school programs. By providing a solution to the widening workplace skills gap and student loan crisis, Stride equips students with real-world skills for in-demand jobs with career learning. For adult learners, Stride offers professional health and technology training, as well as staffing and talent development for Fortune 500 companies. Stride has taught millions of courses in the past year. decade and serves learners in all 50 states and over 100 countries. The company is proud to sponsor the The future of school, a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the pace of technology and the pace of change in education.

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