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New Delhi: Opposing the decision of the University of Delhi (DU) to conduct the upcoming semester exams in physical mode, several student organizations have demanded open-book online exams. However, several professors have raised concerns about this request and have argued that it is time for students to return to normal exam mode.
Referring to internal exams held after classes resumed offline, several professors noted that students could not meet the deadline.
Sanjay Batra, Professor at Sri Venkateswara College, said: “We had internal tests for second-year students, and many of them complained that they had forgotten how to manage their time and had trouble remembering. what they had studied. When they took the exams online, things were much easier. Now they have to work harder and pass the exams. If they have studied correctly, it should not be a problem whether the exams are conducted online or offline. »
Stating that the online exam experience has been “wacky,” Mithuraaj Dhusiya, a professor at Hansraj College, said, “The sooner students return to physical education mode, the better. They need to understand that all of society is returning to normal, so it’s important that they too come out of this.
Those seeking a reversal of the decision to conduct exams offline said that students had taken most of their courses in online mode and therefore exams should continue to be conducted in this mode as well.
Meanwhile, DU in a published notification said that students appearing for exams in the even semester in May-June will be granted an additional 30 minutes as a “one-time special measure”.
“The faculty or department will be asked to give additional choices in the questionnaire, if applicable. Students who have completed the examination form and are unable to appear for justifiable reasons may be given another chance to appear for the same,” read a notification issued by the university.

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