Summer League shows why Doc Rivers should be more flexible


The Summer League Sixers didn’t win the title, but there were plenty of players showing their potential. Players like Tyrese Maxey, Isaiah Joe and Paul Reed have all shown why they should have a bump in the rotation.

Maxey is sort of obvious at this point. He had crucial playoff performances like in Game 6 against the Hawks. As much as Doc Rivers tends to be against playing youngsters in big spots, he just couldn’t ignore Maxey at the end of the playoffs. In the Summer League, the former Kentucky Wildcat averaged 26 points, 5.5 rebounds and 4.5 assists before leaving to host his own basketball camp. Oh, and it just turned out he was shooting 50% on the court.

Whether he’s in the 2021 starting lineup depends on several factors, including what’s going on with the Aussie Elephant in the room (not Matisse Thybulle). Even before the Summer League, at least a save unit point guard point was a near certainty for Maxey.

Tyrese Maxey’s success came as no surprise, but other Sixers also shone on the Summer League scene.

Isaiah Joe, meanwhile, entered the Summer League in a much different position. The Sixers re-signed Furkan Korkmaz for a three-year contract and brought back SF / SG start Danny Green. There probably aren’t a ton of minutes left for Joe, but he showed why he deserved to be more than a victory cigar unit player. In four games, Joe averaged 14 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. The Sixers still need three-pointers and the former Razorback shot 37.5 percent from deep.

Joe looked really flawless both as a shooter and as a host. His grips and the ability to navigate defense helped him a lot.

Paul Reed has been surprisingly good in the Summer League. In addition to all of his G-League accolades from the 2020-21 season, Reed won a second-team spot in the NBA All-Summer League. His 27 points and 20 rebounds against Minnesota was only the second 20-20 game in SL history. Reed also watched more comfortable in defense than he had done before.

18-year-old Jaden Springer had a comfortable outing against the Utah Jazz with a 21-point game. From the start, Springer’s firing mechanics seemed a bit rough, but he’s put it in place in the last few games.

There have been a few more impressive performances from the Sixers’ Summer League. However, those four players are the ones with a real chance of pushing for consistent rotating minutes this season. Springer might be a tough sell for Rivers, but he should at the very least fit into the aforementioned victory cigar minutes early on.

Joe and Reed must shine for the Sixers in the 2021 regular season. It will be a bit unclear where Reed can play with the signing of Andre Drummond, but he looks playable with Joel Embiid at the very least since both are shooters. volunteers. There could be a nice 4-5 dynamic there. Joe, as I mentioned, is going to be stuck behind a number of guards. His ability to create his own shot and get out of the pick and roll efficiently, however, is invaluable. At the very least, he appears to be a good change of pace player.

Rivers is truly a veteran player coach. That will not change this year. Being more flexible with guys who are getting bigger should always be an option. Maybe players like Springer and Charles Bassey are too far out of spinning minutes right now, but Maxey, Joe and Reed shouldn’t be. If they have a hot hand, Rivers must let them cook.


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