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Many online stores offer a variety of discounts on their collections. From books to clothes, there are plenty of offers online for vaccinated youngsters.

ThroughAnjuri Nayar Singh, New Delhi

The Covid-19 vaccination for teenagers started recently and more than 50,000 young people in Delhi aged between 15 and 18 have received their first dose. But, if you’re one of those who still need the motivation to get vaccinated, we have good news. A number of online stores are now offering discounts to teens who have taken their first shot.

” We give 150 off each item,” says Mansi Chawla of Rajinder Nagar, owner of an online clothing brand, Nikstwine. She adds, “I wish I could do more, but we’re a small business ourselves. However, it is such a positive move. We must try to participate in every way possible.

Sleep in Style, a West Delhi-based sleepwear brand, is offering 10% off their collection. The brand’s Neha Sethi says, “Our goal is not to boost sales, but to remind all parents and teens who come to our page to get vaccinated. We also send a personal message to our regular customers to inform them of this offer and encourage them to make a selection among our products which can be purchased at a reduced price, after presenting the vaccination certificate of their children. In fact, some of them promised us that they would soon have their children vaccinated and that they would come back!

And Buzzie Books, an educational brand based on Gurugram, will launch a special family game, keeping in mind the importance of vaccination. He plans to organize a giveaway for the same and 15% off the rest of the collection. The brand’s Tanu Sharma says, “The game is called Grab It and was designed for a family to play together. People who present the vaccination certificates of the whole family will also be able to benefit from the family discount. This means that parents must show their certificates and children must show theirs. We have also planned a giveaway for the same, which only vaccinated people can participate in. »

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