‘The Bachelor’ Season 26, Episode 7: How to Watch Online, Free


Last week on season 26 of “The Bachelor,” Clayton Echard finally said goodbye to Shenae, the season’s self-proclaimed villain. But if we thought his departure meant the end of the dippy drama, we were wrong. Hey, it’s “The Bachelor”, remember?

(How to watch: “The single person” airs at 8 p.m. Monday ABC. No cable or antenna? Watch “The Bachelor” live on fubo TV, which offers a free trial)

Once Shenae made her long-awaited exit, the spotlight turned to Sarah, the youngest female cast this season, and the recipient of a second one-on-one date with Clayton. Mara, who has yet to have a one-on-one date with Clayton, said she felt deflated and frustrated.

And then Mara decided to do something about it and told Clayton that he lavished his attention on women too young to be interested in anything serious, let alone marriage. Women like, oh, I don’t know… Sarah.

During their tete-a-tete, Clayton talked about it to Sarah, who, let’s remember, is only 23 years old. Sarah was so upset at the suggestion that she’s immature that she started crying and insisted that, no, really, she’s here for love, and sob, sniffle, sob.

So, what’s in store for episode 7 tonight? Here’s the description of what to expect: “Fresh from her second one-on-one date, Sarah is determined to find out which of the ladies tried to bring her down and the drama of her bitter confrontation threatens to ruin another cocktail party.Things seem to calm down as the group heads to Vienna, Austria, where the stakes couldn’t be higher for Clayton as he realizes hometowns are just around the corner. Later, he and the women let their walls down with an intimate couples therapy session, but an observation from the psychotherapist shakes Clayton, causing him to make another decision that has the women questioning everything, all leading at one of the most heartbreaking rose ceremonies of the season.

Another? Anyway, here’s your weekly reminder of which nine women are still around as we head into tonight’s episode:

Eliza, 25, marketing manager from Berlin, Germany

· Gabby, 30, critical care nurse from Denver, Colorado.

· Geneviève, 26, bartender from Los Angeles, California.

Mara, 32, an entrepreneur from Collingswood, NJ

· Rachel, 25, flight instructor from Clermont, Fla.

Sarah, 23, Wealth Advisor from New York City, NY

· Serene, 26, a schoolteacher in Oklahoma City, Okla.

· Susie, 28, wedding videographer from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

· Teddi, 25, nurse in the surgical unit in Highland, California.

Episode 7 of “The Bachelor” airs at 8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 21 on ABC.

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