The banshees from Inisherin’s Jenny the Miniature Donkey had her own donkey friend on set [Exclusive]


Condon revealed that Jenny, being young, was a very nervous animal on set. It’s hard to work with a donkey, it seems, unless he’s totally relaxed. The “Banshees” filmmakers realized early on that Jenny needed a more confident companion nearby to perform better. Enter Rosie, a second donkey who has always been kept just off camera for Jenny’s benefit. The two donkeys were close friends and Condom thought their relationship was very cute. She says”

“[W]hat was really beautiful is that there were actually two donkey. Because Jenny was so young, she had to have a friend with her. Because she would get nervous without her friend. And her friend’s name was Rosie, and Rosie was a few years older. And Rosie was a little less nervous. So whenever we had scenes with Jenny in the house, Rosie was in another room with her head sticking out or near the camera. As long as Jenny could see Rosie, she knew she was fine. But if Jenny walked into the room and she couldn’t see Rosie, she would get nervous.”

One of the plot points of “Banshees” is that Jenny is a sweet and affable animal, and Pádraic and Siobhán constantly argue over whether or not she should be allowed in the house. Others may be annoyed by Pádraic’s love for Jenny, but no one can quite point to any of his flaws. Rosie, it seems, assured that Jenny wouldn’t be petulant or give a “wild” performance. Condon admitted that she had grown a little enamored with the friendship of the donkeys, and the two donkeys. “I gave Rosie a lot of love because of that,” she said.

“The Banshees of Inisherin” is now playing in theaters.


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