The five reasons Cristiano Ronaldo is so good at leading a football


Cristiano Ronaldo added Atalanta to his Champions League casualty list on Wednesday night as his late winner continued his impressive record in the competition.

The Manchester United forward holds the record for most appearances and goals in UEFA’s elite competition, two of the many categories in which he is leading the way.

Scoring against a 38th different opponent in the competition proper allowed him to reclaim one of those marks from Lionel Messi. And of course, it had to be a header.

Ronaldo’s ability to climb to the top and generate extraordinary power is legendary, but why is he so good at it?


Watch his winner against Atalanta on Wednesday and Ronaldo pulls away from goal as Luke Shaw grabs the ball on the left and gets in shape to cross, as if to lull his opponents into a false sense of security and give the impression deliberately misleading that he is not overly interested. But Ronaldo never takes his eyes off the game and, as he suddenly and abruptly turns around, he’s positioned himself directly between two Atalanta defenders and given himself the working advantage he wants.

The jump

During a series of biomechanical tests undertaken by the University of Chichester which formed the basis of a revealing and innovative documentary, Cristiano Ronaldo: tested to the limit, in 2011, it appeared that the Portuguese could jump 7 cm higher than the average basketball player. Tests established that he could reach heights of 44cm at a standing start and 78cm when under swing. The strength of her thighs is critical to the success of her jump, and is the product, in part, of years of working out single-leg jump exercises with a medicine ball and repetitive squats using ankle weights to increase body weight. resistance to training.


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