The ICC garden will flower in memory of Jean Bishop


Citycare was recently joined by Environmental & Management Solutions Yorkshire (EMS) to create a memorial garden in memory of the iconic Bee Lady of Hull at the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Center (ICC).

The Sensory Garden, which is part of larger improvements to the CCI green space, will create a more welcoming therapeutic environment for the elderly and frail patients at the center.

Clare Cornelius, Assistant Citycare Estates, said:

“We set out to create a sensory garden to help keep patients’ minds active, and when we heard the sad news of Jean’s passing, we paid tribute to him in the building that bears his name.

“The garden is designed to support patients, many of whom suffer from illnesses such as dementia, through sensory experiences that have been shown to slow memory loss, facilitate hand-eye coordination, and help maintain attention.

“I hope that the garden will be enlarged over time and that we can continue to work with charities, schools and groups of people with dementia not only to leave a lasting tribute to Jean, but also to offer gifts. significant benefits to CCI staff and patients. .

“I want to thank everyone who has contributed so far, especially at Timpson’s who I have worked closely with on the design of the plaque to ensure we have captured the spirit of John, John Pickles and the EMS volunteers for carrying out all the preparatory work and the Goodwin Trust for their artistic contribution.

“We really hope we have made Jean and his family proud, and we look forward to inviting them again to CCI in the spring, when the garden is in full bloom.”

The charity EMS not only did all the preparatory work, but also created the sensory board from scratch with twigs, grass and other soft and hard textures for tactile stimulation, created a path pavement leading to the commemorative plaque and bought many light bulbs. , plants and nesting boxes too.

Eleanor Lee of the Goodwin Development Trust contributed an amazing drawing of Jean which will be placed inside the ICC.

The whole team gathered to finish the garden, filling the raised flower beds with lavender and mint, planting seeds and bulbs including crocuses, giant daisies, daffodils and tulips. Lavender and mint were selected for their powerful scents, which, hopefully, the community cafe can use in their recipes.

The garden also includes:

  • Houses of birds, bees and insects,
  • Bird feeders and window poles,
  • Painted pebbles created by Citycare and the team,
  • Benches sanded and painted by Rise Academy,
  • Two other small nameplates to add to the sensory table.

The plans began in June 2021 when Community Health Partnerships (CHP) and Citycare were looking to make improvements to the green spaces in their domain, with the Jean Bishop ICC being identified as an ideal and deserving site. CHP fully embraces the changes that have been made and looks forward to seeing the garden in full bloom.


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