‘The Incompletes’ is headed for the big show


A Sanford-based pool team is heading to the big show.

A team known as “The Incompletes,” which plays at Sanford Eagles Post 3677, will compete in the American Poolplayers Association World Pool Championships Aug. 4-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The team includes Heather Anderson, Randy Buckner, Jack Frimodig, Mike Hays, Frank King, Rhett Maxwell and Lucinda Ross.

According to Hays, team members live in Sanford, Midland, Saginaw and Vestaburg.

The Incompletes are one of more than 700 teams from the United States and Canada that have qualified for the 8-Ball Championships. Several thousand people will compete on several hundred pool tables at the Westgate Resort and Casino.

Hays said the team’s name originated almost 10 years ago when King was applying for a certain pool event and his application was rejected as “incomplete”.

“So we said we were going to live by that,” Hays said.

A handful of the current team members also qualified for the world championships a few years ago, Hays said, so the incompletes have experience on their side.

When asked what makes a snooker team good enough to qualify for the world championships, Hays said strategy plays a big role. He used another sport as an analogy.

“In golf, you play against the course. In pool, you play against your opponent,” he explained. “There are a lot of legal moves, called defensive moves, where you try to put your opponent in a bad position.

“Good players have good hand-eye coordination. They understand angels and how the balls are going to behave when you hit them,” Hays continued.

As with golf, each player has a “handicap”, based on their skill level, which affects their score.

As with any game, Hays it’s important to remember to have fun.

“A lot of it is just relaxing and having fun. There are a lot of people out there who have a common interest and like to get together and play. It’s designed so that anyone can take on any anyone and have a chance to win.”


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