The replica of the theater is looking for a new home; residents celebrate their birthdays


HUDSON – A miniature, meticulously detailed ‘Arabian Theater’ created by the late Charlie Groves in the 1960s is looking for a new home.

Former Hudson resident Bob Gorey, who has “favored” the theater in the basement of his Andover home for many years, said: “It’s time to bring back Charlie’s masterpiece in his hometown “.

Officials at the Hudson Public Library and the Hudson Historical Society said they did not have space to display the icon, although they would like the power. It is hoped that a local, private or public, nursery school or preschool, or other home in Hudson, will be able to house and / or display the colorful theater, reminiscent of the era of the elegant “movie palaces”. ”

Charles Groves (1905-2003), director of the old Hudson Theater and custodian of the Hudson Public Library, spent 20 years researching and building the five foot by four foot miniature icon, working in his shop in the rear of the Odd Fellows. building, which is now occupied by Hudson Art & Framing.

The creation was inspired, in part, by the 1942 film “Arabian Nights”.

Grove’s creation screen features the skyline and desert of “Baghdad by Moonlight”, as well as over 300 small stones and 2000 “diamonds” for ornamentation. There are two rows of 70 miniature seats.

Bob Gorey and his brother Chris Gorey recall an actual theater film showing in the mid-1960s at the Hudson Public Library.

Lorene Jean of Hudson Art & Framing, a longtime friend, remembered Charlie as a Hudson icon, walking daily until late in life and hosting a banjo band while running the Hudson and Maynard Theaters.

In the late 1990s, before entering a local nursing home, Charlie requested that the theater be sent to the home of Bob Gorey, whose parents, the late Herb and Joy Gorey of Hudson, were among his greatest. fans.

Anyone with suggestions for a new home for the iconic Arab Theater is welcome to contact [email protected] Where [email protected].

Residents celebrate their 50th birthday

Hudson residents William “Bill” and Diane Dexter observed their 50e wedding anniversary on November 22.

They were honored with a “COVID-crowd” party at Diane’s niece’s home, accompanied by a birthday cake. Their son Andrew and his wife Danielle, of Westborough, brought them a 110 Grille birthday meal on November 21.

Diane, a retired teacher from Hudson for 37 years, and Bill, a native of Stow, were married at First Federated Church in Hudson.

A Navy veteran during the Vietnam War, Bill retired after working for Digital Equipment Co. and Lifeline. Their son Michael resides in Florida. The couple have four grandchildren.

Claire Rimkus designs NYT crosswords

The New York Times December 3 crossword puzzle was built by our granddaughter, Claire Rimkus, of North Grafton. This is her second NYT puzzle and she has also contributed several to USA-TODAY. A 31-year-old forensic pathologist, she is the daughter of Peter Rimkus, from Hudson, Coventry, Connecticut, and the late Dianne Rimkus.

John P. Rio Jr., 90, Hudson

News of the death of John P. Rio Jr., 90, of Hudson, on November 25, 2021, was announced at his home in Tucson, Arizona. He was a member of the Hudson High class of 1949 and has many local survivors, including his brother, Alfred Rio of Hudson.

Parishioners mourn the passing of Reverend Antonio “Tony” Lalli

Reverend Antonio “Tony” Lalli, sx, a member of the Xavarian Missionary Fathers in Holliston, and a frequent celebrant of Mass at St. Michael’s Church, passed away on December 3, 2021. A funeral was held on December 13 at the St. Mary’s Church in Holliston followed by interment at St. Michael’s Cemetery in Springfield.

Hudson prepares the winter farmer’s market

The Hudson Winter Farmers’ Market will be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Hudson Town Hall on Saturday, December 18, with many great choices of produce from area vendors.

Swap Shop scheduled for December 18

An exchange shop at the Recycling Center at 300 Cox Street will be open on Saturday, December 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., for free items and also donations. The volunteer staff provide seasonal decorations, toys, games, and more, all free of charge.

All donations must be in working order.

Back to 1966

Ms. Veronica Eklund joined the Linden Street School staff as a first grade teacher.

Staff Sgt. Robert W. MacDonald was a jet mechanic in Vietnam with the US Air Force.

The Rotary Club Banquet Committee in honor of the Hudson High football team included Will Kirkpatrick, Al Harasko and David Lamson.

Federal mediators were called in when a general strike halted production at all Raytheon Co. factories.

Army Staff Sgt. Norman “Red” Taylor, returning from Vietnam, was the guest of honor at the Veterans Day Parade.

Happy Birthday

December 18 – Savannah Fillmore, Robert Simpson, Debbie Bryant, Deb Devereaux and Theresa Bryce.

December 19 – Dick Bushey, Sarah Cressy, Samantha Santana.

December 20 – Lexi Léandres.

December 21 – Bill Bissett, Jim Gasek and Diane Durand.

22 december – Yvonne Bleiler, Travis King, Matthew Lenthal, Michael Chartrand and George Dunnells.

23 december – Mark O’Connell, Ellen Auger, Emily Larkins and Teresa Costa Figueiredo.

December 24 – Hannah Knowles, Karlie Lazarus, Kristen Joyce and Holly Richardson.

Happy Christmas Birthday December 25 – Hudson Postmaster Chris Capobianco, Will Jackson and Patrick Moran.

December 26 – Jay Murphy, Steve Falcone and Art Zina.

December 27 – Ed Vorce, Kevin Appel, Margaret Fieldsend, Dick Tracy, Carolyn and Alyssa Downing.

December 28 – Chris Francis, “Dee” Jordan, Elizabeth Hydro, Jim Toohey, Cara Sullivan, Michael Fernandes, Adelaide Saragian and Danielle Watson.

December 29 – Kayleigh Darwin, Calleigh Walsh, Carol Sedam, Jonathan Woodford, Anthony Luongo and twins Ben and Sam Jackson.

December 30 – Danny Lopez, Don Garcia, Rachel Sousa, Luis Macedo, Brian Blais, Gerry Gault and Dick Tombeno.

Happy birthday

December 18 – Mark and Kristi Edwards

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all Hudson Happ’nings readers and contributors!

Send articles for Hudson Happ’nings to 18 Cottage St. Hudson MA 01749 or by email [email protected].


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