The Yoshinoya beef bowl set vs its mini capsule version: how do they fit next to each other?


We take our gacha toys to a real Yoshinoya branch to compare the two side by side.

Last month, the Japanese beef bowls restaurant chain Yoshinoya released a range of miniatures in collaboration with capsule toy maker Kenelephant.

Each item in the six-piece collection looked like Yoshinoya’s food, only in tiny form, so we tracked them down when they were released. to see if they looked as good in person as they did in the promotional images.

Capsule toys are priced at 500 yen (US $ 4.47) each.

We tried our luck by turning the handle of the gacha machine three times, and the first thing that occurred to us was the Yoshinoya at home together.

Included in the set was a Frozen beef bowl, Frozen pork bowl, and Kimchi, and they were beautifully detailed, resembling the packs you can take home from the chain.

Hopping the lid on the kimchi made us scream with pleasure at his kindness!

On the back of the packages of frozen products, you could see ingredients and heating instructions have all been faithfully reproduced, and they were just readable by the human eye, despite the tiny print.

As an added bonus, each set comes with a leaflet detailing the history of the company, which has been around since 1902.

The opening of the next gacha revealed the Take away set, which included a small bowl of beef that required assembly.

When we put the rice in the bowl, added the garnish, and put the lid on top, we felt like we were working in a small branch of Yoshinoya. Everything here was incredibly impressive, from disposable chopsticks to sachets of ginger and shichimi (“seven spices”), and when we sat down to admire it all, we started to develop a serious craving for a real bowl of beef.

â–¼ That’s when we opened our third gacha to reveal…

Gyudon beef bowl (with pickles and raw egg)!

Yoshinoya’s signature beef bowl set is the star of the gacha collection, so we were delighted to receive it. As with the take-out version, the rice and topping came separately, and the raw egg was also separated.

Our stomachs were really growling now, so we put the mini beef bowl in a pocket and walked over to Yoshinoya so we could really judge how good the little play was. As soon as we got our order, we couldn’t help but laugh out loud as we placed the mini beef bowl next to the actual version.

?? Is that cute?!?

?? The gacha set might have been tiny, but its realism was truly breathtaking.

?? The egg, in its square bowl, looked like a real one.

And the pickles on their blue plate were even more realistic, with the dark color of the frosting around the edges of the dish perfectly mimicking the one under real food.

?? As for the beef bowl …

… Here it was the bowl itself that blew us away, because it looked identical to the real one, which was made of Arita porcelain.

?? Absolutely amazing!

And take a look at these chopsticks – with a matte, grainy finish to look like the real deal.

We thought the Yoshinoya Miniature Collection looked good when we first saw it, but we were absolutely blown away by the realism when we sized the beef bowl to the real thing, side to side. rating.

All we have to do now is get our hands on Grilled fish meal and the Cold sake / Pickled ginger. Besides, it would be great if we could trap this ‘Lucky Item’, the cup of tea, to complete the collection!

This is definitely a quality collection that you won’t regret purchasing, especially if you’re a fan of Yoshinoya beef bowls. The collection is currently available for purchase in capsule toy machines for 500 yen, and in toy stores, general stores, online stores, and hobby stores, where they are sold in blind boxes for 550 yen.

For other little culinary adventures, be sure to check out these light up miniature tamagokake gohan rice bowls, and check out the little Ozeki sake collection, which is just as adorable as its real range!

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