This Modified Switch Controller Lets You Play Games With One Hand


A popular modder has designed and built a Switch controller designed for one-handed play, and it’s available to buy now.

As of now, there’s no official Switch one-handed controller, unless you count the individual Joy-Cons, but in most cases, even those aren’t meant to be used with one hand. Fortunately, in the name of accessibility, there is now another option. It might seem a little wonky at first, but watching modder Akaki Kuumeri use his creation to play Breath of the Wild kick butt in Smash Bros. Ultimate makes it surprisingly intuitive.

Hypothetically, let’s say you have a red Joy-Con and a blue one. You would use the red as you normally would when attached to the Switch’s official controller adapter, but the blue buttons and joystick would face a table or other hard surface so you could lean the joystick against the surface and tilt it with the palm. from your hand. There are also extensions for the buttons on the blue so you can easily reach them with the same hand.

As IGN notes, the modder is also responsible for bringing this one-handed PS5 DualSense adapter to the world, which was released in January. The Switch adapter works the same way. You buy the adapter to attach to your existing Joy-Cons, and you can easily swap left and right Joy-Cons depending on your dominant hand.

If you are interested, you can check the adapter on Etsy (opens in a new tab)where it’s on sale for around $200.

Once you have your controller, here are the best switch games to play.


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