This week’s Warhammer 40K products and prices are CONFIRMED – Hello Shadowvaults!


We’re heading to the Grimdark with merchandise for Kill Team, Titanicus and more. Take a look at these prices.

It’s a return to Kill Team, Adeptus Titanicus and Citadel Hobby with a great set of new GW merchandise. Here are the latest versions.

All of these items are up for pre-order on October 15. The sale date is October 22.

Kill the Shadowvaults team: $185 €145 £110

“Kill Team: Shadowvaults introduces two new kill teams to the game – the Kasrkin of the Astra Militarum and the Necron Hierotek Circle. Kasrkin are an all new set of miniatures while the Necron Kill Team includes an upgrade carrot level for Immortals and Deathmarks, which also makes the new Plasmacyte Reanimator, Plasmacyte Accelerator, and Apprentek models.

Kill Team Dice Sets: $38 €31.50 £24

“Give your Special Agents the best possible support when out in the field with these Faction Dice Sets. Both include 20 dice molded in orange with gray swirls, with white ink and your chosen kill team’s logo on the “6”.

Kill Team Playing Cards: $ € £ (to be determined)

“These playing cards are ideal for any fan of the fast-paced skirmish game. They feature artwork from the Kill Team: Octarius, Kill Team: Chalnath, Kill Team: Morochand Kill Team: Nachmund books and are great for playing cards with and spawning a space hulk using the rules featured in Kill Team: Into the Dark.

White dwarf: $11 €9 £6.99

Citadel Fine Detail Cutters $50 €40 £30

Citadel Cast Line Pullers $25 €20 £15

Citadel Knife $34 €26 £20

Citadel Exercise $35 €27 £21

Adeptus Titanicus Matched Play Guide $38 €31.50 £24

“This new book is designed for anyone interested in Adeptus Titanicus tournaments. It includes six deployment maps, five of which are brand new, and a host of new main and secondary objectives for Titan Legios and Knight Households in matched play games There are also tips for running your own tournament, rules for doubles and story events, and rules references for weapons, Titan traits, orders, and psychic powers.

Warlord Titan Graviton Ruinator $24 €19 £16.50

Reaver Titan Graviton Destroyer $20 €15.50 £12

Warhound Titan Graviton Destroyer $20 €15.50 £12

The new Kasrkin are so GOOD!!


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