Toy Soldiers HD shows off five minutes of Nintendo Switch footage



Accelerate Games has released a brand new gameplay video for HD Toy Soldiers, showing five minutes of Nintendo Switch footage. It was announced not long ago that the game will finally come to console after it was released on PC and other consoles. Now we finally get to see what it will look like on the Nintendo handheld, along with all the mechanics and how they’ve adapted them. Which isn’t too far off from how the Xbox version works, just, you know, with revered buttons. Enjoy the trailer down below as the game will be released on August 5, 2022.

Credit: Accelerate Games

The digital embodiment of imaginary childhood battles with your best friend in your bedroom, HD Toy Soldiers offers single and multiplayer fun armed with army minifigures, classic sci-fi robots and spaceships, and other toys from our old-school toy boxes. Unlike many tower defense games where you build your defenses and watch the action unfold, HD Toy Soldiers gives you the unique ability to instantly jump in and out of the battlefield from both a top-down third-person strategic perspective and a first-person POV shooter perspective. Watch the battle unfold as you build, upgrade and repair your defenses or jump straight into the action.

Control fearsome armored vehicles and tanks with explosive firepower as you win the war and earn your upgrades for the next thrilling battle on the road to victory! Take to the skies and rain fire from above, eliminate enemy bombers or earn your victory in thrilling dogfights piloting the first airborne war machines. A much-loved classic, revised and improved for a new generation. Toy Soldiers HD contains the original game, all downloadable content, including awesome new enemies to face and wacky new experimental levels.

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