Trevon Diggs keeps his pre-game promise



In Monday’s resounding 41-21 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, the second-year cornerback became the first Cowboys player since Everson Walls in 1985 to start a season with an interception in each of the first three games.

Diggs’ interception return in the third quarter and 59 yards for a touchdown over former varsity teammate, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, gave the Cowboys a 27-7 lead. It was also the franchise’s first pick of six since Byron Jones got one in 2017.

Jones made the Pro Bowl for the Cowboys in 2018, but was not re-signed after that season. Diggs, a 2020 second-round pick, was drafted to replace Jones as a high school starter and difference maker.

In three games, he does the “second year jump” that head coach Mike McCarthy referred to during training camp.

“He’s in a showdown zone,” McCarthy said. “… The guy has phenomenal hand-eye coordination. Just the way he breaks the ball, his hands are as thin as I’ve seen in a long time.”

The Cowboys have asked Diggs to travel with Pro Bowl receivers Mike Evans and Keenan Allen across the field in the first two games against the Bucs and Chargers. He didn’t cover a particular receiver on Monday, but often faced another former Alabama teammate, Eagles first-round pick DeVonta Smith.

Diggs’ familiarity with Smith and Hurts helped him make the pick of six.

“I had read Jalen’s three steps (fall), his quick reading of the game, and the catcher had a short split so I expected him to lose,” he said.

“I saw them every day and in Alabama we would go head to head and compete every day. DeVonta knew what I wanted to do and I knew what he wanted to do. So it’s a fair game. . He was fun. “

Diggs, who started his college career as a receiver, says he got his hands on 14 balls he said could have been intercepted last season. He chose three.

His goal during the offseason increased that total.

“I’m a new corner, so I have to do this job,” he said. “A lot of those other turns have a lot of years on me. I have to do this job just to be good or even better than them. I have to put those hours into it. I have to put that in. It’s just something that my family comes, just work hard and grind. “

Three days to the end of September, Diggs has already tied his rookie interception tally.



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