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Posted: October 10, 2022

Eligible adults from low-income households can request free data from Derby Libraries

Derby City Council is encouraging people to learn to use the internet or improve their digital skills as part of a national campaign in October.

Get Online Week is the UK’s largest digital inclusion campaign run by the Good Things Foundation. Held every year since 2010, it will see thousands of events across the UK to help people get the most out of the internet.

From Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd October, this year’s campaign coincides with the launch of Derby Libraries’ partnership with the Good Things Foundation to provide free mobile data, texts and calls to people in need.

The Good Things Foundation set up the UK National Databank to help people from low-income households go digital for 12 months. The database was built with the support of Virgin Media O2 and with data donated by Virgin Media O2, Vodafone and Three.

To qualify for free data through the National Data Bank, individuals must be over the age of 18, belong to a low-income household, and qualify in one or more of the following areas:

  • do not have or have insufficient access to the internet at home
  • and/or have no or insufficient internet access when away from home
  • and/or cannot afford to pay their existing monthly contract or top-up

Eligible adults must make an appointment to receive a free data voucher. Call Normanton Library on 01332 642640 or speak to a member of staff at Normanton, Alvaston, Mickleover or Riverside Library.

According to the Good Things Foundation, around 10 million people in the UK lack the most basic digital skills. They miss out on the things many of us take for granted every day and are four times more likely to come from low-income households. By comparison, manual workers with high or very high digital engagement earn £421 more per month than their less digitally engaged peers.

Get Online Week will inspire people to try one thing online than they usually do offline. It could be a first online shopping experience or a video call with friends or relatives, setting up an online bank, making an appointment with a GP, benefit claim or online job application – all of which they don’t have the skills or confidence to try before.

The Council runs free internet tutorials at several Derby libraries for complete beginners who have little or no computer experience. Classes are taught in small groups by library staff in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The Derby Adult Learning Service (DALS) also runs a free eight-week course for complete beginners called First click in IT. Starting Monday, October 17, the course includes understanding the components of a computer, sending and receiving emails, and learning about online safety. For more information or to register call 01332 956565 or visit any DALS Center

Councilor Matthew Eyre, Cabinet Member for Community Development, Place and Tourism, said:

The COVID pandemic has shown us all how important it is to be able to use the internet for all the vital services it provides. Being digitally connected can help you save money, improve your job and education opportunities, and stay in touch with family and friends near and far.

If you don’t use the internet or aren’t very comfortable using it, I want to assure you that it’s easier than you think and there’s plenty of help out there for you. help get started. Get Online Week is the perfect opportunity for you to try.


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