Ty Halaburda awesome through training camp


Throughout the training camp and the preparatory action, one rookie stood out from the rest.

The player is Ty Halaburda.

The 32nd overall pick in the 2020 WHL Bantam Draft has intensified in recent weeks and may be rewarded with a place on the roster once the season begins.

Good start

Halaburda was impressive from the start of training camp. He competed hard, won puck battles and defended well. His speed was also noticeable as he could not only keep up with veteran players but beat them in pucks. Finally, his skills were on display as he was able to show off his strong hand-eye coordination through drills and scrums.

Halaburda’s greatest asset is her determination. He doesn’t give up and fights hard to keep his position. That’s an asset, Coach Dyck and the Giants coaching staff should be very excited about the coming season.

Make your way through the range

In the first preseason game, Halaburda was given high roles as the game progressed. He found some chemistry with Kaden Kohle and Payton Mount as that line ended up being the best performing line in this game. He also saw time on the power play and on the penalty kill as the game progressed.

Ty Halaburda takes a head-to-head against Kamloops. Photo credit: Rob Wilton / Vancouver Giants

In the second preparatory game, it was his ability to put the ball into play that shone. According to the statistics sheet, he finished the game 19/25 in the faceoff point. With the departure of Tristen Nilsen and Eric Florchuk this season, the team will be looking for a reliable center capable of scoring draws. Looks like they might have found their guy in Halaburda if he can put on performances like he did on Friday night.

Give the child a chance

Based on training camp and preseason play, Halaburda deserves a chance to make this list. He has impressed and continues to improve every day. While not a household name yet, fans should get used to hearing his name as he should make a difference this season.


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