Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, July 20: Sita refuses to lend the Goenka family a loan

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, after having lunch together, Naira and Kartik enjoy the weather and the conversations. Kartik is in love with Naira and the couple spend intimate moments enjoying each other’s company. They are home alone and their joys are limitless. Suddenly, Sita appears and the couple are shocked. Naira pretends to act like Tina deceive Sita.

Meanwhile, the family has been considered to confirm the deal tomorrow, which is an auspicious day since the worker’s payment is overdue.

Sita declares that she has to make an important announcement in front of the whole family. Tina says she has to go but twists her leg as she leaves. Kartik involuntarily calls him Naira and worries. Sita doesn’t like the intimacy between Tina and Kartik and feels that the two are in an unsolicited relationship unbeknownst to Naira. Naira was resting in the room when Sita announced that she would not approve the loan. She has been manipulated by her son who is considering starting a bogus business and making money.

Sita questions the character of Kartik in front of her whole family. Kartik tries to defend but Sita Ji has already made up his mind about the loan. The whole family stands up for him and his actions, Sita Ji shows a clip of Kartik feeding Tina with his own hands, but the family still ignores it.

Ultimately, Kartik respectfully refuses to move forward with the deal when his upbringing and love for Naira is called into question. He pleads innocent but loses all respect in the eyes of Sita ji. After his departure, Naira tries to convince Kartik, she feels guilty. Kartik consoles her and tells her that their financial conditions have already deteriorated. His father later confesses that their production would stop and they don’t have enough time to negotiate with someone else for the loan.


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