Uragun Explodes In Early Access With Thrilling Top-Down Mech Action – Practical Impressions


Mech games are common on Steam, but Uragun stands out for its immaculate weapons and impressive difficulty curve. As the repetitiveness of top-down shooters emerges, Uragun has a lot of potential as it turns into a full title over the next 12-18 months.

Lack of story, 99% action

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In this game, you play as an awakened robot trying to find its pilot in a world overrun by corrupt AI robots. You must shoot and reduce your threats to venture into the deadly world that awaits you. There’s not a lot of storyline to dissect in the current Early Access build. As the game continues to develop, it would be great to see the narrative evolve in the gameplay itself, not the unlockable comics.

Main meat and potatoes, however, are in the shot from top to bottom. for the most part, he succeeds in every way. The minigun lets you fire a satisfying flurry of bullets at your enemies, and the rocket launcher blasts anything in sight. Additionally, you can unlock new weapons as you progress through the game, such as a sword and a railgun that fires a devastating laser at your enemies.

Uragun has a wide variety of enemies so far that will test you to your limits. There is a ball robot that will act as a grenade. There are worm-like machines that will rush towards you and easily resist the minigun. Cannon fire will rush at you from artillery type machines. Developer Kool2Play does a great job of raising the stakes with each level, adding a big difficulty curve. Plus, the bosses give you just the right amount of challenge and are happy to fight.

Although it is repetitive to fight the same enemies, Uragun will succeed if the devs can provide a wider range of enemies with each update towards release. It will also be necessary to add new scenarios in the levels. There are only a limited number of times you can protect a point of interest or take down a control tower before it ages.

A style of presentation in tune with the times

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What Kool2Play does have, however, is a hard metal base that will shine over time, and not rot. Using an Xbox Series X/S controller, right stick aiming is precise and you will never hate the game for any type of inaccuracy. The reaction time is also spot on as dodging quick attacks feels polite. It’s a pleasure to play Uragun as you clear waves upon waves of enemies looming in front of you. You can also upgrade your mech and weapons with different modifications, such as longer fire spread or increased damage, for a customizable experience.

Uragun has simple visuals, but the cartoon style really works. The mech you control has a nice blue design with some neat flashing light elements, while the enemies have a corrosive red look. You can easily tell who is good and who is corrupt. Additionally, the landscapes, while repeated too often, look stellar. The neon signage of Hong Kong and the rocky landscape of a post-apocalyptic Barcelona appear with cartoon style.

Something to work on, however, is the music. It makes for a great first impression as the upbeat techno vibe matches the game’s chaotic ball fest. However, you’ll hear the same music over and over on every stage. I ended up turning off the music and blasting other video game soundtracks instead like Kingdom Hearts and Halo.

Globally, from Uragun The first Early Access version is a success. Its responsive controls, weapon variety, and smooth difficulty curve make it addictive to play. Just keep in mind the lack of narrative and it can get repetitive in the second half of the current build.

Disclosure: Gamepur has received a game code for review.


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