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Birmingham 2022 was looking for teenagers aged 14-17 aged between 14 and 17 years from Birmingham and Birmingham and in the WestMidlands to volunteer as volleyball assistants for the beach volleyball events which will be played at the next CommonwealthGames. The competitions at beach volleyball that will be played at the Smithfield arena, which is located in the heart city of Birmingham.

  The Assistants of the Courtside will be assigned 2 main duties  

  • Ball retrieval helps players by making sure the match ball is placed in the proper place and providing them efficiently for players to their fields of play during the course of play.

  • Raking Sand Each break during the game make sure you rake the court’s middle to ensure that the sand is evenly distributed. Smooth the sand along the lines, to make the decisions made by the ball are easy to take.

The job demands a lot of physical fitness level and endurance and the ability to focus as well as a excellent hand-eye coordination, a knowledge of the beach volleyball rules as well as the capacity to follow the guidelines for the sport. In a position to comprehend what rules the sport follows and comprehend. It is the rules that govern the sport determined by the official who refers to.

It is a rare chance for fans and youngsters from Birmingham and all over the West Midlands to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games competitions of beach volleyball that are held in their respective cities.

Who are candidates to be considered

Volleyball schools, clubs and youth teams within youth and schools in the Birmingham region, as well as schools and clubs in the WestMidlands area are encouraging to apply. The applications can be submitted for involvement of 6-12- or 18 volunteers (with three or more chaperones) and must be submitted between 14-17 on the 1st of January in 2022.

The assistants on the field will be chosen by teams that consist of 6 assistants per group. Each assistant is assigned to the field. It is recommended to have an VolleyballEngland DBS certified chaperone who is present at each session in the group.

Every participant must be present during the times of training outlined in the information pack and during competition time. 

How do I become a member?

Check that you’ve read all the information about the process of recruitment and the form below.

Are you interested in becoming a person who is responsible for overseeing the company, you need to complete an application form on this page.

This program can be used to create groups when there are several applications that are more than space. Therefore, ensure that you took your time on answering questions and providing justifications for why your company deserves a look.

The groups can be accepted with groups that include 6(+1 adult), 12(+2 adult) and 18(+3 adults) ).The problem is that groups that have different size are not accepted. The person who is applying must be a part of the group who are designated as attending. Should they be selected they is in charge of the communication betweenB2022 and the guardians/parents of volunteers . They will as well be present at each practice or game in the capacity of chaperone. They’ll be also have responsibility for the logistics of taking participants to their venue and accompanying them throughout their play if they are chosen.

Applications must be received before 9:00 a.m. in the date of application, the 21st day of Feb 20 22. Lead coaches will notify applicants by March 1st to inform them of the result of your application.

B2022 Courtside assistants West Midlands juniors apply now


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