Warhammer next week – Cursed City is back alongside Space Marine heroes


Next week’s pre-orders herald a return to a cursed city. Along with the release of Cursed City, Space Marine Heroes is up for grabs.

Cursed City is back for pre-order! So if you missed out or just coveted the beautiful miniatures in this set, you have plenty of opportunity to get yours while getting is good.

And, in the dark shadows of the far future, a collection of collectible Space Marine heroes are ready to be deployed. All that, plus some WarCry time next week!

Back to the cursed city

Can you and your friends save Ulfenkarn from the hordes of undead roaming the streets? The box contains everything you need to play this tense cooperative game, including 60 plastic miniatures, cards, tokens and pawns, game board tiles and dice.

Cursed City is back in full force. The co-op sensation that swept the nation is back for pre-order once again. Along with fantastic miniatures and surprisingly deep gameplay, you’ll get Warscrolls so you can use them in your games of Age of Sigmar.

But! You can also get the first expansion which revolves around a trio of power and blood-hungry vampires.

As three new vampire lords seek to claim dominance over the city, can you put a stake in their claims? This set includes rules for three new types of travel and all the cards and tokens you’ll need for your quests. You can expand your games even further by collecting the Radukar the Beast, Fell Bats, Vampire Lord, Lady Annika the Thirsting Blade, and Kritza the Rat Prince figures separately.

All of this can be yours next weekend.

Space Marine Heroes

But there is more. On the 40K side of things comes the release of a slew of the Blood Angels version of Space Marine Heroes.

There are six snap-in Space Marines to collect, all in red plastic with helmet and barehead options, evoking the Blood Angels chapter.

All that next week!


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