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Welcome to the LX Origami Olympics.

What better addition to the Tokyo Games lineup than origami, that is to say “fold the paper” in Japanese? The practice is thousands of years old, and some historians trace its origin to Japan, although others believe it may be in China. This is where sheets of paper were created around AD 105, an invention attributed to court official Cai Lun.

Does the U.S. team have what it takes to become man’s best friend at the Origami Olympics?

Team USA faces an unexpected competitor: an origami turtle.

Anyway, today paper folding is firmly associated with Japan, where it is considered an art form and where the late Akira Yoshizawa was considered the father of modern origami.

So watch these American athletes – absolutely the best in their fields at sports such as track and field, wheelchair tennis, sitting volleyball, skateboarding, and Paralympic swimming – try their hand at origami instead. . A few rules of the game: no scissors, no glue or tape, a piece of paper and a little imagination.

How do they do ?

The US team finds itself in rough waters as they go head to head at the Origami Olympics, Boat Edition.

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