What are the stakes for Michigan Football recruiting after the MSU game


As you probably know by now, there is a big college football game in the state of Michigan this weekend. The top 10 of the game between the Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans has national implications for the playoffs and the Big Ten race, but will also have ramifications for recruiting.

Since Jim Harbaugh was hired and Mark Dantonio’s reign unceremoniously ended, Michigan has never been able to completely crush its rival in the state and maintain state supremacy. Still, Michigan has mostly been able to maintain a sizable advantage on the recruiting track, last year’s cycle being a prime example.

Wide receiver Andrel Antoine hails from East Lansing and was touted as the centerpiece of the Michigan state class. Michigan wasn’t sure if he was a catch until he made up his mind and pulled him to Ann Arbor with little effort.

Defensive tackle Rayshaun Benny actually engaged in Michigan State following the huge loss to MSU last season. But Michigan stayed on him and tipped him over before the signing period ended in February.

In the 2022 cycle, it was an interesting story with the best prospects in the state of Michigan. Wolverines seized the crown jewel with five stars Will johnson, but the only other commitment in the state is the three-star linebacker from Belleville Aaron Alexander, the player n ° 30 of the state.

The state of Michigan, meanwhile, has four of the state’s top 10 players. A four-star defensive tackle Alex Van Sumeren, was hired in Michigan before his older brother Ben was transferred.

Four stars Antonio Gates Jr. and Jaden Mangam are talented athletes, but for one reason or another, were never massively recruited by Michigan. Gates Jr. did not have an offer from Michigan, Ohio state Where our Lady although he has some talented bloodlines and has had really strong junior and senior seasons. Michigan went back and forth with whether Mangham was a take or not, but in the end he wasn’t too beaten, he went elsewhere.

Finally, a four-star athlete Dillon tatum was quite an odyssey as he looked like a Michigan lock with his former high school coach Ron Bellamy on staff. Then Steve Clinkscale was hired as a future post coach, and he clearly didn’t see him at Tatum after failing to recruit him when he was in Kentucky. It looked like he was going to be dismissed for a bit, but I think his opinion eventually prevailed and Tatum ended up in the state of Michigan instead.

Both schools still fight for the 2022 four-star defensive lineman Deone Walker, although Kentucky is more likely to land it than either of them. Kentucky 202: five-star offensive line engagement Kiyaunta Goodwin is making an official visit to East Lansing this weekend, with an official in Michigan scheduled for The Game later this season.

Other interested prospects from both schools who will be there on Saturday include the 2023 four-star defensive lineman Jalen thompson, four-star cornerback Caleb Presley, four-star offensive lineman Cole dellinger and three-star lineman Dylan senda. All four have already visited Michigan for a game this season. Four Star Wide Receiver 2024 nick swamp will also be present.

It is by far the biggest event on the Michigan State program this year. If the Wolverines can spoil the Spartans weekend with a win, they have an opportunity to tip the scales more in their direction and use the win on the scouting track for next year.

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