Why Shubman Gill should be in India’s 2023 World Cup squad


Shubhman Gill rose to prominence after playing against Zimbabwe and is now a strong contender for the upcoming 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup.

Although he had fewer opportunities in the ODIs, Gill still let coaches know that he is a worthy fly-half for the Indian team.

If the coaches take this seriously, then Gill would be alongside Rohit Sharma in the World Cup which will be hosted by India.

There are three reasons why Gill should be part of India’s World Cup squad.

The first of these is that Gill has excellent hitting skills and excellent hand-eye coordination as well as footwork allow him to be a better partner for Rohit Sharma.

While Sharma is an aggressive hitter, Gill takes his time playing shots and evaluating bowlers.

The second reason is that if Gill becomes the opener, then the selectors can choose a strong middle order that will include KL Rahul.

And the last reason is that Gill has a very promising number although he might not be great at the moment but the youngster makes sure to increase them in his limited opportunities.

So those are the three main reasons why Gill should be a front-row choice for the 2023 World Cup coaches.

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