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It’s hard to stay on track while attending college online. With so many distractions and opportunities to procrastinate, it’s easy to fall behind. That’s why summer school is a great option for online students at Southern Utah University! You’ll also be able to graduate faster by taking summer courses, which can save you time and money! For most SUU Online students, the name of the game is just those two things, saving money and time. SUU Online offers online courses only for these two purposes. This allows students to get ahead of their path and graduate faster than expected.

Summer courses are a great way to advance in your courses

As stated in our introduction, one of the main benefits of taking online summer semester courses is the ability to advance your academic plan. For all SUU degrees, there is a basic plan that defines the courses you will take and how you should plan your semesters. In these four-year plans, they include the courses you should take in the fall and spring, but that assumes you take the summers. If you take a full course load during the summer, you can do it in about three years.

Summer courses can help students stay on track and graduate on time

For many of us, we don’t immediately know which major we want to pursue when we start college and in recent studies, around 80% of students change majors at least once. This means that most of us will be taking courses we don’t need, which will take us away from the expected four-year time frame for graduation. However, if you take advantage of the summer semesters, you can catch up and graduate within your desired time frame.

Summer courses can improve your GPA and make you more competitive for scholarships and jobs

Another major benefit that summer courses can provide for students who have fallen behind or struggled with college is the ability to retake classes in which you previously did not have a good grade to help you out. to increase your GPA. Having a good GPA can help you get scholarships, get accepted into graduate school, and graduate with honors. If you fall into these difficult situations, summer courses can help you.

Summer courses are often more affordable than traditional semester courses

Summer courses are not just for those who have fallen behind or need to catch up on some grades, they can also be useful for all students as they are cheaper to take. They are cheaper because all undergraduate courses are charged as on-site tuition, which makes them cheaper if you are taking tuition. If this is the case for you, be sure to consider summer courses as they will be cheaper.

If you are an SUU Online student, summer courses can offer many advantages. Not only are they more affordable than traditional one-semester courses, but they also provide a way to explore new subjects and improve your GPA. Additionally, summer courses can help students stay on track and graduate on time. For these reasons and more, we encourage our online students to take advantage of summer school offers. To learn more about these courses and find one that suits your needs, visit suu.edu/online.

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