Woolworths Announces New LEGO-Style Collectibles With New Bricks Collection


Stand aside, Ooshies! Australian parents are about to be hassled over a new set of supermarket collectibles.

Woolworths has announced that it will launch its own brand of LEGO-style blocks for kids to build their own miniature versions of its famous stores.

Its Woolworths Bricks line will include 40 different brick packs, going to $ 30 stores in the coming weeks.

The kit includes a miniature cash register, deli, meat and seafood counters, and even tiny figurines carrying baskets and carts.

Camera iconThe collection includes a small Woolies truck. Credit: Unknown/Provided

And there’s even a Woolies van, with opening doors, seen in promotional photos parked next to the delivery entrance to its own store.

But not all of the parts will be free, with parents having to shell out for their own “starter kits,” which include the baseboard and entry doors that cost $ 6 to $ 10 each.

The finished product is made up of 40 different bricks.
Camera iconThe finished product is made of 40 different bricks. Credit: Unknown/Provided

The supermarket, which has been widely criticized by environmentalists for launching endless lines of plastic toys, including Ooshies, appears to have anticipated the backlash by insisting that all of its new toys are made from 80 percent materials. recycled.

Woolworths claims that its new line of bricks have been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia and that the bricks are fully recyclable.

The new LEGO Woolies range.
Camera iconThe new LEGO Woolies range. Credit: Unknown/Provided

“Woolworths Bricks is a fun, interactive way to learn at home that can spark conversations within families about sustainability; whether this is how materials like plastic or refrigerators can get a second life, or how solar panels and electric car chargers positively impact the environment in their local Woolies, ”said Andrew Hicks, marketing director of the company.

The bricks will be available to pick-up, direct and home delivery customers, as well as those who buy in-store.

Earlier this year, Bunnings sparked a buying frenzy after releasing a line of LEGO-style bricks as well.

Tiny figurines are included in the collection.
Camera iconTiny figurines are included in the collection. Credit: Unknown/Provided

The Building Block Warehouse – a miniature brick version of a Bunnings store – sold out across Washington state.

It came complete with a little wood wire, miniature sausage sizzle, and even small hot dogs.

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