Zara Tindall: The royal’s riding, exercise routine and diet for a slim figure


Equestrian Zara Tindall is extremely athletic and has a stunning figure to show off. spoke to Michelle Baynham, founder of Mother Fit, and Kira Mahal, founder of Motivate PT, about the diet and workout routines that likely keep her fit and healthy.

Michelle told “Hats off to Zara Tindall for the juggling struggle of being a royal and mum of three young children.

“Making time for herself must be such a challenge, but prioritizing her health is something she appreciates.

“A mother’s well-being is not only good for her, but also for her whole family.”

Exercise is an important part of self-care, so what kind of workout might the Queen’s granddaughter enjoy?

“During her years of riding, Zara will have worked hard at an advanced level to stay fit and that will have her well positioned for ‘mom life’.”

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She even won a silver medal for her sport at the London Olympics in 2012.

Michelle continued: “Zara will no doubt combine cardio with weight training, alongside her passion which is horse riding, giving her a full body workout.

“Horseback riding offers the combination of a cardiovascular workout with a rewarding mental challenge, blending balance with hand-eye coordination helping to improve reflexes, tone the body and especially tone your core muscles and your legs. .”

But for slimmers who don’t share the royal’s passion for horseback riding, other cardio workouts like brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming or cycling are also ideal for losing weight.


“I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she had a personal trainer to keep her motivated and since her husband is also an athlete, they are likely to keep their weekends active with the kids.”

Mike Tindall once revealed on his podcast, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby, that their eldest daughter Mia loves a game of rugby herself.

When it comes to nutrition, Kira said Zara will definitely know what she’s doing.

“Watching her diet to focus on foods that will give her energy will also have been part of her training. So while she’s probably active enough to eat whatever she wants and burn calories throughout day, they’ll probably really understand how important nutrition is and place a high value on it!”


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